Altrincham area & North Wales history

Introduction - the object of the website

Altrincham lies nine miles south-west of Manchester.  The intention of this website is to provide references to documents and links to websites, rather than repeat local history already published.
For the Altrincham area, the Altrincham Heritage website available soon at contains a brief history of most of the Altrincham area towns mentioned in this website, and some of the documents quoted can be downloaded from there.
From this website, articles on Altrincham and Hale can be downloaded.  Also the redrawn high definition pdf tithe maps can be used freely or modified (crop via screen print).
For Llangollen, the main object is to describe features of the nearby village of Rhewl and a pdf file can be downloaded about the area.  Similarly a short article on Buckley in Flintshire can be downloaded.
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David Miller, 2015